Emotion. This is single-handedly my favorite thing. Why? I love telling a story. Each and every relationship I witness is filled with emotion. Whether it be a bride happily anticipating her wedding day, nervous giggles from a groom as he's about to see his beautiful soon-to-be wife, 5 second glances filled to the brim with love, tears from a father about to give his little girl away, lingering finger holds, stomach butterflies from a new mom holding her perfect baby boy, or even excited squirms from a 4yr old flower girl right before she gets to eat the cake ;) All of these things fill me with the most incredible joy. I approach every wedding day, every newborn session, every editorial shoot, looking to tell your story. What makes you unique and what gets those genuine reactions from you? Those giggles, those tears, those moments you look at an image and say 'that's me'. I get to capture these things. That's my job.



Before I click my shutter, I try to think a few decades ahead. What will you treasure fifty years in the future? I want to create the kind of image that your grandchildren will look over to experience the awe of stepping back in time to relive grandma's wedding, laugh at the silly styles, and marvel at the years gone by. I want to create the experience for you of treasuring the images from your past. Images are something so important to me and I want to share the gift of wonderment with you. When you invest in getting your wedding, your newborn, or simply your life captured, you invest in a lifetime of being able to look back on these images.



I adore the fine details. The things you choose to adorn your life with that simply describe you. Whether your details are minimalist or grand, they reflect your personality. I love capturing these special details because they tell the story. Second only to emotion, details capture the true essence of who you are, showcasing all the hard work and effort you and your fiancé have put into planning.