Some interior design and a few of my favorite oils. The random things.

So I've had multiple people ask me about my room. I share bits and pieces on Instagram every once in a while (in fact I did a story about it a few weeks ago) and people are always asking to see more. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO - my room as I see it. It's filled to the brim with meaningful things (my Bible, countless journals, the tiny carved elephant my sister brought from Zambia, art created by dear friends, Minnesota everything, etc), meaningful moments (the prints on my walls depicting my favorite people, places, and memories), and shoes. Mainly just a lot of shoes. At the end of this post you'll even see some of my FAVORITE oils to use + diffuse! I had so much fun putting this room together + making it my home! 

Bedspread: IKEA /

Prints: Artifact Uprising /

MN print + MPLS banner: PATINA /

Oils : Young Living /

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