Engagement Triple Header

WOW. The weekend I shot these three engagaments was sheer crazy. Let me tell you why (simply so you can understand how freaking cool my clients are and what PATIENT and KIND human beings I get to work with!!) 

+ First thing - I had just shot a triple header of WEDDINGS the weekend before and was recovering from the 30hrs-of-weddings-in-3-days coma I was in (cue SO much sleep deprived crazy).

+ Second thing - I had scheduled this three day weekend TO THE MINUTE with consults, hockey games, a bridal shower, coffee dates, OH AND THESE THREE SESSIONS.

+ Third thing - I was SO sick. I figure that I had it coming (my parents do always say I run myself too hard in October...) BUT nevertheless I pushed through (car naps + bananas for the win) and I can honestly tell you I remember very little from this weekend. Not really sure how I survived unscathed with the 9+ hours of driving I did. 

REGARDLESS of all that crazy, these three couples BLEW MY MIND. Enjoy. 


Blake and Jenna started off my weekend with a late-Friday afternoon session of PURE GOLD. How infectiously joyful are these two?! SO GOOD. I'm beyond pumped for their June Machine Shop wedding!

(at this point in the weekend I was only just beginning the crazy so I was feeling pretty good! I was a mere 1 coffee date in and ready to conquer the world!) 


THIS SESSION knocked my socks off. It POURED throughout their entire early-Saturday morning session but they trusted me (BLESS UP) and look at the straight magic that happened! I can't WAIT for their September Paikka wedding!

(okay so at THIS point I was 1 coffee date, 1 session, 1 hockey game, and 4hrs of driving into the weekend and I had NO voice. I still feel bad. Ben + Kristin are troopers. A car nap 100% happened that day.) 


Not gonna lie I almost didn't make it to James + Morgen's session but I'm SO GLAD I pushed through and shot anyway! JUST LOOK AT THEM! I'm obsessed. Their mid-Sunday morning session was the perfect way to cap out the weekend. I'm counting down the days until their December Lowertown wedding! (guys Morgen inquired with me exactly 2yrs to the DAY before the their wedding! HOW COOL!) 

(yeah at this point I was 1 coffee date, 2 sessions, 2 hockey games, 9hrs of driving, 1 bridal shower, 1 car nap, 5 bananas, 1 consult, and only 1 mental breakdown into the weekend. You can jump to your own conclusions on how I was feeling.) 

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